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Summer exam, homestay ushered in the 'sweet period'?

Date: 2021-07-18

Summer vacation has come, and parent-child travel has become a hot topic. Many hotels take the opportunity to target the parent-child travel market to attract customers. From the current point of view, the home stay market is very hot.

Hot, lack of professional talents, the lack of matching products are still troubling the home stay industry. Overall in the state of loss, is still unspeakable pain in domestic home stay. In the face of the market test again and again, domestic home stay needs to summarize and innovate constantly.

This process is doomed to be painful and long.

How does henan home stay develop?

Henan's home stay industry starting point is quite high. Jiang Jiding, the head of the local culture and tourism department, is known in the industry as "head of home stay" for his efforts to promote home stay. Many B&B operators in the province are also feeling the dividends.

Luanchuan heavy cross ditch scenic area Chi Jiu B&B after 90 proprietress Zhang Yu is one of them. She spent millions a few years ago upgrading the farmhouse she inherited from her parents into a home-stay product. Later, it became the first local citizen host to open Douyin live broadcast, and successfully attracted tourists from all over the country.

This summer, Zhang Yu received many parents born in the 80s and 90s. Most customers are three or four people. The question she is asked most often every day is: Is there a parent-child room? Are there any parent-child rides? Are there any toys suitable for children? There are even many people ask: is there a home stay?

"They are more receptive to price, but they are also more demanding on quality." Zhang yu said.

At present, Henan has 592 home stays of various types, with more than 28,600 rooms and more than 47,000 beds. Zhang Feng, secretary general of Henan B&B Association, said that B&B has now become a tourism project for travel consumers. Compared with nearly 100 million people in Henan, the number of high-quality B&B can not meet the market demand for summer holidays and holidays, and most B&B should be booked many days in advance.

He mentioned that the current home stay in henan province is more popular or "three mountains" area. Respectively is:

Taihang Mountain Linzhou Grand Canyon B&B Group, Hebi B&B Group, Yuntai Mountain B&B Group, Wangwu Mountain B&B Group;

Luanchuan County B&B group in Funiu Mountain, Lu B&B group, Baiyun Mountain B&B group, Gongyi B&B group in Xinmi, and Wuduo Mountain B&B group in Nanzhao;

Dabie mountain new county home stay group.

Among them, Zhongdugou B&B group, Yuntai Mountain B&B group and Linzhou Grand Canyon B&B group have formed a large scale, with relatively complete supporting facilities, large flow of people and more various activities.

He introduced that recently, family travel accounted for the majority of B&B guest group, become the main source of B&B. After the summer vacation, college entrance examination and high school entrance examination, many families choose to take their children to B&B to relieve stress or get close to nature.

However, now home stay is not so simple as selling a bed, must have characteristics, there are supporting services.

Zhang Feng, Henan recently opened a few homestay are very distinctive. For example, the Qinyuan Cave in Niujiao Village, Xinmi, resembles a cave hotel in Turkey. Xinyang Guangshan County Bell Tower Parent-child Paradise Homestay, there are a lot of supporting items for play.

In addition, the newly opened Jiaozuo Xiuwu Yuntai Mountain B&B, Huixian Zhangsigou Village Taihang Secret, Kaifeng Tong Xusunying Township Beiying Township and Yi Ecological Park B&B, Songxian Baiyun Mountain Yunhe Mountain Ju Luhaodian and other B&B are also very attractive.

On the whole, the development of home stay in Henan province is relatively standardized because of its high starting point and the government's attention. However, problems still exist. For example, due to the lack of professionals, there are still many problems in the quality of service.

"For the future, the overall development of Henan home stay industry requires rational investment and prevention of investment risks; Second, efforts should be made to cultivate professional talents of B&B operation and management and to strengthen the construction of B&B service quality. To make B&B not only beautiful to look at, but also beautiful to live in, so that B&B industry more experience and reputation, attract more people to experience B&B." Zhang said.

Industry loss problem

If the field of vision is placed nationwide, the most popular summer parent-child travel is also Beijing, Sanya, Shanghai.

"Nationally, family travel in the summer of 2021 will take the lead in northern China, and the recent loosening of the 'Guangzhou-Shenzhen' program has unleashed a huge demand for travel. Domestic travel volume has exceeded that of the same period in 2019." Lan Xiang, president of Qunar's big data research institute, said.

"The boom is mainly around big cities, or around first - and second-tier cities." Jingjian think tank founder, chief analyst, the world tourism forum China strategic consultant Zhou Mingqi to us.

Different from adults on vacation, many parents value learning and fun in travel, so research and themed parent-child camps are popular in summer vacation.

According to Zhou Mingqi, parent-child travel is indeed a major direction in the future, but the domestic parent-child travel products are actually in a very scarce stage. Even, the domestic home stay in fact is not a parent-child travel products.

This gives domestic home stay industry to wake up.

Zhou Mingqi believes that the country is very backward in this regard. These homestays are booming not because they are doing so well, but because the domestic market lags behind when it comes to holidays or parent-child holidays.

Another insider mentioned that the future development of homestay on the one hand should have hot style single products, on the other hand to form a resort with nearby scenic spots, play a complementary effect, may be able to win the market in the long term.

That means the industry still has a lot of room to dig. You know, the industry is still broadly lossmaking.

Zhou Mingqi said that from the overall domestic, B&B is a large range of losses, because only a small number of B&B location is better. The occupancy rate of B&B is low. The overall occupancy rate is about 30% to 40%, and the overall operating efficiency is not very good.

"The home stay market was a bit overheated, especially before the outbreak. Right now, many B&Bs have died in the country since the outbreak." Zhou Mingqi said.

And from the operational level, the home stay industry still has a large room for improvement. Many insiders mentioned that the advantage of home stay is the aesthetic taste brought by "non-standard", but at the same time, it is also the chaos of the price system. The domestic price of thousands of home stay products are very common, but from its actual service, far inferior to the high star hotel.

In addition, the number of B&B rooms is small, how to conduct standardized cleaning under the condition of controllable cost, how to find a suitable supplier and other issues are worth discussing.

In the future development, if the home stay industry cannot find ways to make up for and overcome the above problems, its market development space will certainly be limited in the future.

What can not be ignored is that in recent years, the popularity of home stay has attracted a number of young people and entrepreneurs with dreams to enter this industry. Some have been forced out of the epidemic, and others have persevered. In the face of the market test again and again, domestic home stay needs to summarize and innovate constantly. This process is doomed to be painful and long.